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How Does it Protect Me?

If, during the course of employment, a licensed or certified mariner is involved in a shipping casualty a Mariners Professional Insurance policy can protect against…


License Defense Costs – Provides a qualified maritime attorney (QMA) to defend a federal or state marine license.

Loss of Income – Reimburses the mariner for income lost as a result of a marine license suspension, revocation or reduction in grade. Most programs also include a daily subsistence allowance.

Civil Legal Defense – Provides a QMA to defend against civil lawsuits. These suits can range from bodily injury to property damage and from wake damage to oil spills.

Civil Penalty Defense – Provides a QMA to defend against civil penalty action by any one of the hundreds of government agencies (Federal, State and Local) that have the ability to assess fines or penalties against mariners.

Civil Liability – Pays, on behalf of the mariner, marine related civil judgments for which the mariner may be found liable.

Fine and Penalties – Pays all or a portion of marine related fines or penalties assessed against the mariner.

Criminal Acts – Provides defense against criminal acts and pollution proceedings.

There are, of course, limitations and exclusions that apply generally and from program to program. That is one reason you want a broker who is a specialist in Mariners Professional Insurance.

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