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MOPS provides the industry’s most comprehensive coverage options, making it easy to customize coverage to your specific needs and budget.


License Defense

Fully paid legal representation and defense by experienced maritime attorneys if you are involved in a shipping casualty or incident that leads to action against your marine licenses. There are no co-insurance clauses and no hidden deductibles.

Professional Instruments and Equipment

Loss or damage to listed and approved professional instruments and equipment while you serve aboard your vessel.

Foreign Port

Approved attorney fees and expenses if you are ordered to attend, either as a party or witness, any inquiry of a foreign court concerning a shipping casualty or incident involving your vessel.


Loss of Income

Income compensation at the amount of salary you choose to insure – plus daily subsistence payments for up to 12 months if your license is revoked, suspended or reduced in grade resulting from a covered shipping casualty or incident.

Civil Legal Defense

Paid legal defense if a civil lawsuit is brought against or served upon you in any court within the United States, its territories or a foreign court resulting from a covered shipping casualty or incident involving your vessel.

Civil/Professional Liability – Ask About Our Reduced Rates

Professional liability coverage for additional defense costs and/or judgments in civil court proceedings resulting from a covered shipping casualty or incident.

Civil Penalties Legal Defense

Paid legal defense if you are assessed a civil penalty by the U.S. Coast Guard or any other entity within the United States, its territories, or a foreign court or administrative entity authorized to impose a civil penalty or fine resulting from a shipping casualty or incident involving your vessel.

Criminal Acts Defense

Paid legal defense by experienced criminal attorneys if you are charged criminally in connection with a marine casualty that results in allegations or charges related to federal (OPA-90) and/or state water pollution laws and/or regulations.

When trouble strikes, it’s easy to put MOPS to work for you. And you won’t have to worry about hidden fees because MOPS pays all license defense legal costs related to your covered claim.

If you are involved in a shipping incident or casualty, call MOPS immediately, any time of day or night. You don’t even need your policy number – just a contact number, location and brief description of your situation. We’ll immediately put you in contact with the MOPS network attorney in your area.

Protect Yourself So We Can Help You

Under no circumstances should you submit any statements, verbal or written, until your MOPS attorney has spoken with you. And never agree to surrender your license to investigators. The U.S. Coast Guard will typically respect your position if you state that you have legal representation.

You’ll find a summary of these guidelines on the claims reporting wallet card given to every MOPS policyholder.

Your Advocate from Start to Finish

From the moment of initial contact, your MOPS attorney works on your behalf at all phases of your case.

Your attorney will help you formulate your statement to USCG investigators and complete any required accident forms (e.g., CG-2692).

Depending on the nature of your case, your MOPS attorney’s representation may also include:

  • Accompanying you to depositions
  • Assistance in giving witness statements
  • Accompanying you to Administrative Court proceedings
  • Helping you respond to notices of Letters of Warning

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